National Botanical Garden

Distrito Nacional
809-385-2611 EXT. 221
mon-sun, 8:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m.
Entrance fee
Train & Museum: Locals: 70 DOP (adults), 50 DOP (kids); foreigners: 5 USD (adults), 3 USD (Kids). Orchid's Pavilion: Locals: 25 DOP; Foreigners: 2 DOP; Butterfly Farm: 25 DOP.
Av. República de Colombia Esq. Av. Los Próceres. Jardines del Norte

Escape city chaos and immerse yourself in nature by visiting the National Botanical Garden of Santo Domingo, 2 million square meters of preserved paradise that include representative samples of the flora—both endemic and foreign—that can be found throughout the island.  It is also a place where bird watchers gather on a regular basis to admire the wide variety of birds that can be found in this ever-green sanctuary.

The park can be easily visited by foot if you are wearing comfortable shoes, and it is generally safe to go on your own, as there are several guards scattered throughout the area. Nonetheless, it must be taken into consideration that the terrain is highly irregular and that several slopes that can be found along the way that may be challenging for certain individuals or for those who are out of shape.

The entrance fee includes a train ride that is worth taking because it gives the visitor a general idea of the whole area. It includes a going to the famous Japanese Garden, designed by architect Mamoru Matsunaga, a small but exquisite garden with breathtaking views.  

This park is excellent for a picnic day with family and friends or for a day of introspection in nature. You can also bring your camera and take the most amazing pictures of the surrounding natural beauties. Because of this, it is not rare to find amateur and professional photographers with DSRLs looking to capture one of the many magic moments the park has to offer. One of those gems is the Hispaniolan emerald humming bird (Chlorostilbon swainsonii), a bird adorned with beautiful green shades that can only be found in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The park has several areas that are worth visiting, including a museum, an orchidarium and a butterfly farm.

If you enjoy nature, you can easily spend the whole day here, just make sure you bring comfortable shoes and clothing, enough bottled water and your own food because eating facilities are very limited.